Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 22, 2017.

Medium priority

Pole saw ($50)
Available at: Home Depot or Amazon

I'd like one of those saws on a telescoping pole that you can use to trim branches way up high.


Low priority

Banana Republic gift card
Available at: Banana Republic

I rarely buy clothes anywhere other than Banana Republic, so I always enjoy having a gift card there.


Already bought

Fancy schmancy shaving cream ($30)
Available at: and other online stores

My favorite shaving cream is the super fancy Truefitt & Hill brand. It comes in a few different "flavors," and my favorite of those is Sandalwood.

You can buy this in a few places online, but be careful -- I've seen some really high prices on Amazon. This should be right about $30.

Bamboo toothpicks ($8)
Available at: Amazon and other stores

Did you know that you can make your drink 75% fancier with a hoity-toity bamboo toothpick? I've seen these in restaurants, and would like to have some for the house. You can find them on Amazon or probably other places. The important thing is that they look like the picture in the link -- they should have a knot tied in one end. Exactly where you get it doesn't matter. Hey, it's just a bamboo toothpick!

Kindle Book: The Art of Intelligence ($7)
Available at: Amazon, be sure to click the "Give as a gift" button, not the regular buy button

I heard on a podcast a while back that this book called The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIA's Clandestine Service is the most accurate book about what people who work in the CIA do.

I'd like to get this book for my Kindle. To buy it, go to the book's page on Amazon and click the "Give as a gift" button (it's a little below the regular buy button). Enter my email address and choose what day it should be delivered.

LED headlamp ($12)
Available at: Amazon

I use a headlamp when running before the sun comes up. It's not LED, though, so it goes through batteries really fast. I would like to get this one that's basically an LED version of what I'm using now.

Light gloves for running ($27)
Available at: Amazon

My favorite pair of lightweight running gloves is getting pretty old, so I'd like to replace them with these.

UF Alumni license plate frame ($30)
Available at: Online only

Michele has one like this, and I have been looking for years and have not found one until now. It's easy to find a UF Alumni license plate frame, but it's almost impossible to find one in silver and not blue or orange.

Set of 12 short drinking glasses ($42)
Available at: Crate & Barrel

We want to get new drinking glasses because we've been drinking out of the same set of cheap Target glasses for almost 20 years.

Michele has the tall glasses on her list, and I'd like a set of short glasses -- the Peak Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, Set of 12 from Crate & Barrel.