Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 26, 2022.

Already bought

Impact driver bit set ($30)
Available at: Amazon, Home Depot

We got a new set of power tools for the Colorado house, and so we need bits for the impact driver. What I have at home is this 50-piece Milwaukee set and I love it. It has every bit you could imagine. I have yet to meet a screw or bolt I can't work with. Hex head, star bit, even square head, this has everything. Some places you could get a set:

If you can find another 50-piece or 45-piece set it would probably be fine, too. This is just the one I have right now, and I know it is really good.

Stretchy silicone lids ($16)
Available at: Amazon

We have a set of these and use them all the time. I'd like to have a second set for the other house.

Tote for carrying wood ($17)
Available at: Amazon

This tote would be really handy for camping. We often search for firewood in the area near the campsite, and then end up carrying a bunch of sticks and logs back and forth. This would let me carry a bunch at once.

Smart charger for AA/AAA rechargeable batteries ($30)
Available at: Amazon

I use a lot of rechargeable batteries, and like to charge them with a "smart" charger because they'll last longer than in the typical cheap "dumb" chargers. I have one of these chargers now but am looking for a second one. The one I have isn't made anymore, but this Opus BT-C2400 on Amazon looks just like it and seems even a little nicer.

Drill bit set ($26-30)
Available at: Amazon, Home Depot, Ace Hardware

We got a new set of power tools to leave in the Colorado house (a drill and a driver) and so I need a set of drill bits. Here are a few places you could get them:

It doesn't have to be one of those specific sets. Any 20- or 21-piece set would be fine. I am looking for more bits than are in the 14- and 15-piece sets, though.

Head lamp ($10)
Available at: Amazon

Like Michele, I would like to leave one at the other house and not tote it back and forth each trip. There are a million cheap headlamps on Amazon, but this one is $10 and seems fine.

Garmin wireless temperature sensor ($30)
Available at:

The Garmin watch I use for running and hiking has a built-in temperature sensor, so I can see afterward how hot or cold it was outside. The problem with that is that it's not so much measuring the outdoor temperature as it is measuring the temperature of my wrist, since it's attached to my wrist.

Garmin makes a wireless temperature sensor you could attach to a backpack or something away from your body and get an accurate reading. I think that would be neat, particularly for hikes when it's pretty darn cold. If you buy this from Garmin it's $40, but other places like Amazon have it for more like $30. I wouldn't buy this direct from Garmin -- save some money.

Kitchen scale ($10)
Available at:

The Colorado house needs a kitchen scale. I didn't realize how much I use mine until I was out there for a month without one. This is the one I use at home, which is cheap and works really well. It doesn't have to be that particular one, though.