Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 27, 2020.

Medium priority

Set of deep sockets for socket wrench ($24)
Available at: Home Depot

I have plenty of sockets for my socket wrench (courtesy of Dad, who gave me one of his dozen sets many years ago). But none are deep sockets, so I'd like to get a set of those.

The brand doesn't matter, and I'm sure lots of places have them, but here's one at Home Depot that would be great. If it's not this one, the things to look for are:

  1. 3/8 inch drive, since that's the size of my wrenches
  2. Imperial / SAE, and not metric - I think I'll have more use for those sizes


Travel case for a bar of soap ($13)
Available at: REI

When I travel, I take a bar of soap and have no better way to carry it than putting it in a ziploc bag. This gets pretty disgusting when you put a wet bar of soap in the bag and then open it up again in several weeks.

Here's a solution: this bag will carry the bar of soap and let it dry out! This would be great!


Rocky Mountain National Park ponderosa pine scented candle ($20)
Available at: Etsy

This candle is scented to smell like the trees in RMNP!


Already bought

Mouse - Logitech M705 ($25)
Available at:

I use this mouse for work and I need a replacement. I think I've just about clicked all of the clicks out of it.

ThermoPop probe thermometer ($34)
Available at: Buy direct from Thermoworks. (they say avoid Amazon and eBay because of fakes claiming to be their brand)

Mom has one of these, and I like it better than the one I have. It will rotate its display so that the numbers are right-side up no matter what direction you're holding the probe.

It comes in lots of colors, and that's your choice, with this request: not pink, and not black.

Protect Public Lands Pin ($11)
Available at: Outdoor Evolution

I'd like to have this pin on my backpack while I'm hiking. Michele has this on her list, too.

Kindle Cover ($22)
Available at:

I recently got myself a Kindle Paperwhite (10th edition) so I could read books without a bright tablet or phone screen. It's nice, but I would like to have a cover so I don't scratch the screen when I put it in my bag. I'd like Amazon's fabric cover, in blue.

Window mount bird-feeder ($30-35)
Available at: Plow & Hearth , Target

I think Black Bear would LOVE this! The glass is one-way so the birds can't see the monster inside who is dreaming about eating them.

Giant Gator Banner for the garage ($25)
Available at: Several online shops: GatorShop, Lids, Fanatics, FansEdge

It would be awesome to have a giant Gator Banner across the back wall of our garage. 2' x 6' is the right size for our space.

Safflower seed for bird feeder ($10)
Available at: Amazon

For the bird feeder (above), I'd like to get some bird seed that is squirrel-resistant. And I'm trying to avoid the kind that has hot peppers mixed in. I've read that safflower seed is good because squirrels just don't like it. And it is supposed to be a favorite of cardinals, and we definitely have some of those around here.