Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on December 12, 2022.

Highest priority

Spode Christmas mugs or plate
Available at: I looked at Marshall’s yesterday. No luck. I’ve heard Macy’s might have them. I’ve found some online.

I love the Christmas dishes, but they have been used for quite a few Christmases. It seems that the plates and the mugs get the most wear. If you can find them, I just want to gradually get mugs and plates that have all the green band around the edge complete. I saw several styles of mugs online. Mine are straight up and down. No curves.


Gift cards
Available at: Home Depot, Lowes

I have lots and lots of projects I hope to get around to one of these days. Some involve paint and tools. Others are for the yard.


Gift cards
Available at: Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Bealls

I need some new clothes. I’m tired of all the old stuff, and I do mean old.


Already bought

UNC cap/hat
Available at:

UNC hat
Available at: Online

I’d like to have a light blue (Carolina blue) hat, like a baseball cap. Amazon has some. Or you just Google womens UNC hat, other places will come up. One of the people on my trip wore one all the time. He said he meets people everywhere he goes. I thought it might be fun to have one. I don’t kniw that it needs to be a women’s hat. Lots of them look the same. I would think a medium man’s hat would work. I can wear Dad’s old Duke hats.

Grapefruit spoons
Available at: Probably Amazon is the best bet.

I used to have grapefruit spoons. I don’t where they went. Trevor likes grapefruit. I can’t them at Home Goods or anywhere else.

Available at: Target, Marshall’s, maybe even Dollar Tree

I am getting ready to switch from everyday dishes on my open shelves in the kitchen to Christmas dishes. I don’t have any red or green glasses that will go with the Spode Christmas dishes. The blue ones up there now don’t work. Nothing expensive. Just red or green. Maybe 6.

Luggage tags
Available at: Online or where luggage is sold, I guess.

I don’t know what happened to our luggage tags. I finally found a Viking tag for the trip to Canada. It is not in good shape. I’m not planning to travel any time soon, but you never know.