Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 29, 2021.

Highest priority

Grill basket for roasting veggies
Available at: Amazon has a nice one. So does Walmart

I would really love to have a grill basket for vegetables. I am trying to eat a wider variety of veggies, and I would like to cook them on my grill.


High priority

Gift cards
Available at: Home Depot, Lowes, Disney, Home Goods.

I love gift cards. I still haven’t gotten a saw. I need a new garbage can. Exciting, huh? Now that I have the new condo, I will be spending more time and money at Disney. I love Home Goods too.


Already bought

Ear buds for my I Phone
Available at: Amazon, Target, etc.

I am so tired of walking Suzie and having her stop every 3 feet to sniff something. If she would just sniff and go on, it would be okay, but she likes to spend lots of time with the new smells. If I could listen to podcasts while she is smelling the latest doggie smells, maybe I could almost enjoy the walks.

Wire cooling racks
Available at: Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.

My racks for cooling cookies, etc. have gotten pretty worn over the years. I would love some new ones.

Available at: Amazon, Walmart, etc.

I dropped my blender right before I moved. I would love to have another one. Nothing fancy. Just a plain old blender.