Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on May 25, 2017.

Highest priority

Pokemon Mystery Power Box (isn't that the coolest name?)
Available at: Walmart and Toys-R-Us

This box contains "mystery" packs, so you never know what exactly you'll get. They always insert older, rarer packs with rare cards. It looks something like this: It costs around $25. Sometimes they offer a mystery power box with a mystery item - I think the ones with just packs offer a better chance of getting really good cards.


Pokemon Cards
Available at: Target, Walmart (usually close to the register, hanging from wall pegs)

Gotta catch them all! I am a big fan of the pokemon trading card series and I would love some packs. There are so many different packs, so I'll leave a little list of the ones I would like the most: - Sun and moon - Guardians Rising - Evolutions One foil pack costs a little over $4. I love opening packs and collecting the cards, so I would love to get multiple packs!


High priority

Available at:

I would like some cash to buy assorted items of my interest. The amount does not matter that much.


Pokemon Ho-oh figure
Available at: Toys r us

This bird-like pokemon figure is one that I have been wanting for a long time.


Medium priority

Art supplies
Available at: Target, Michaels

I love drawing, painting, sketching, ect. I am always in need of art supplies.


Already bought

Notebooks for drawing
Available at: Michael's

She loves artist's drawing pads. She really likes the ones that look like a notebook and are spiral-bound so that you can flip through them and admire your art. (For some reason,she's not a fan of the ones that you flip over at the top.) One can never have too many of thoses. Regular size and with white paper works best for her. Normal notebooks are good as well.

Fine point Sharpies
Available at: Target, michaels

I like to use sharpies to color in my drawings. Fine point sharpies are the easiest to use for this.

Pokemon tin "2017 Pokemon Trading Cards Island Guardins Tin featuring Tapu Bulu GX"
Available at: Target, Walmart (with the foil packs at the front, typically)

Tin from the latest trading card series. I saw it today at Target and would love to have the guarateed Tapu Balu GX card featured and the packs that come with it. $ 20.00

Primal Groudon vs Primal Kyogre figures
Available at: Toys r us

These two figures come together in a black box. They are rare figures, and two of my favorite pokemon.