Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on December 12, 2016.

Highest priority

Pokemon Cards
Available at: Target, Walmart

Gotta catch them all! I am a big fan of the pokemon trading card series and I would love some packs. There are so many different packs, so I'll leave a little list of the ones I would like the most: - Evolutions packs -Roaring skies One foil pack costs a little over $4.


High priority

Available at:

I would like some cash to buy assorted items of my interest. The amount does not matter that much.


Pokemon Mega Garchomp figure
Available at: Amazon

I would like this Pokemon figure: It costs about $9.


ITunes card
Available at: Target, Publix, pretty much anywhere

She loves playing games on her iPod and loves to feed her dragons, minions, etc. with gems, apples and whatnots. Some apple cash would be highly appreciated.


Notebooks for drawing
Available at: Michael's

She loves artist's drawing pads. She really likes the ones that look like a notebook and are spiral-bound so that you can flip through them and admire your art. (For some reason,she's not a fan of the ones that you flip over at the top.) One can never have too many of thoses. Regular size and with white paper works best for her.


Medium priority

Art supplies
Available at: Target, Michaels

I love drawing, painting, sketching, ect. I especially would like some nice sharpies. A sketching note book would also be great.


Already bought

Kyogre Poke Plush
Available at: Pokemon center

This pokemon plush looks like a blue whale. Kyogre is one of my favorite pokemon, and I really like this plush. Here is a link to it:

Pokemon Pyroar figure
Available at: Amazon

I would also like this Pokemon figure. It costs about $7.