Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 19, 2016.

High priority

Claire's Gift Card
Available at: Claire's

The girl loves to shop for accessories!


Target Gift Card
Available at: Target

She loves to shop!


Micro Paracord Bracelet
Available at: Etsy, ???

She likes these on Etsy, but if they could be found anywhere else, that's fine. It's a paracord bracelet, but very skinny.


Medium priority

Gel-a-peel 3D design kit
Available at:


Nail Art Design Set
Available at: ebay

She found this set on ebay for just a few bucks.


Already bought

iPhone Case for 5s
Available at: Icing

She'd like a new phone case, and she's picked these two options: 1.)Gold Mirror Polka Dot 2.)Aloha Gold Dot

Available at: Icing

She'd like a stylish watch. She found 2 options: 1.)White & Gold Faux Leather 2.)Semi Cuff Gold Watch