Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on March 29, 2018.

Highest priority

Available at: Target, Bealls, Claire's

Dainty, long necklaces and dainty rings. She likes silver. They can have jewels or be plain, as long as they're "dainty."


Available at: you know where :)

I would like some cash since I am saving up for a new iPhone


High priority

Sand Dollar Gift Card/ their clothing
Available at: The Sand Dollar

I recently went into The Sand Dollar with Gran and LOVED their clothing and jewelry. This is a gift that my mom and Gran would be most likely the get me, considering it is located on AMI.


Peter Pan tee
Available at: Target---mens dept.

I REALLY love this tee, and I think it would be great for Disney trips. BTW I would like a medium. Peter Pan Tee


Target Gift Card
Available at: Target

She loves to shop!


Medium priority

Forever 21 Gift Card
Available at: Forever 21

I love to shop!


UA tee
Available at:

I found this tee from Under Armour and I really like it. Select the black one. Size "YLG" Here it is.


Claire's Gift Card
Available at: Claire's

The girl loves to shop for accessories!


Low priority

Black and White SUPER soft flannel
Available at: American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy

I would like to have a super soft flannel button up shirt to match my mom's.


Lowest priority

Michael's Gift Card
Available at: Michael's

Always a good choice!


a new set of sharpies
Available at: staples

I have been needing a new set, since I have been loosing a lot of colors. I was in the beginning of a rainbow the other day, and realized I don't have yellow. I would like a pack with the specific and detailed colors. Not just ROYGBV. Also, some metalics would be cool.