Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on June 28, 2017.

High priority

Available at: Target, Bealls, Claire's

Dainty, long necklaces and dainty rings. She likes gold and silver. They can have jewels or be plain, as long as they're "dainty."


Colorful Shorts
Available at: Justice, Target

Bright solid colors. Denim style, with button and zipper (not knit shorts). Size 10/Large.


Forever 21 Gift Card
Available at: Forever 21

Apparently she thinks she's turning 21, not 12.


Justice Gift Card
Available at: Justice

Always a favorite!


Claire's Gift Card
Available at: Claire's

The girl loves to shop for accessories!


Target Gift Card
Available at: Target

She loves to shop!


Medium priority

Michael's Gift Card
Available at: Michael's

Always a good choice!


Bathing Suit
Available at: Target

She likes this one from Target, but they don't seem to have her size (large) online. If you happen to see it in a store...


Already bought

Beauty and the Beast DVD
Available at: Target, Walmart, etc.

The newest one -- live action version

Black Leggings
Available at: Target

She likes the athletic ones that are made of "exercise-y" material, rather than cotton. Size large (10)