Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 24, 2020.

High priority

Gift Cards
Available at: Disney, Pacsun, Target, Urban Outfitters, Nike, and American Eagle

I love to shop! Any of these would be great!!


Medium priority

Gingham Ultra Shea Body Cream
Available at: Bath and Body Works

I got a sample size of this and loved it! And would love a full size.


Available at: you know where :)

Cash is always nice!


Already bought

Nike Air Force 1s
Available at: Nike, Dicks Sporting goods, (Maybe other places?)

I started liking these shoes when I was 13 and have been wanting them ever since. I like the white color and I am a womens size 8. Here they are on the Nike website.

Cow socks
Available at: Urban Outfitters

Ironically, I am really loving cow print as of recent. I even did cow nails for my California trip. And cow socks wold be the perfect addition to my sock collection :) Here are the ones I want

Disney T-Shirts
Available at: MagicalCastleCompany on Etsy

I've wanted a shirt from this small Etsy shop for a while now, and I figured Christmas was the perfect time to ask for it! Size Small Mens Here is the Snow White one, and here is the Sleeping Beauty one.