Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on December 06, 2017.

Highest priority

Home Depot or Lowes Gift Cards
Available at: Home Depot & Lowes

If I know my wife, she will surely be making me spend every day off (for the next 10 years) working on our new house. I am going to be needing some gift cards.


High priority

Ring things
Available at: amazon the god of all shopping sites

The wifey says I'm too "soft in the middle." She said it's from a song from Simon or something. Any-hoo. Here: That's the longest link for a simple product ever!


Medium priority

Baseball 3/4 Sleeve Shirts
Available at:

I like to go as casual as casual can be. This way when I bother to put on a collared shirt everyone's like "Wow! You clean up well." And I'm like that's right I do. I'm a big fan of colorful clothes, so if you're thinking I'll be embarrassed with purple, then think again! Play Ball!


Already bought

Abandoned America! (it's a picture book)
Available at: Amazon, as always

America is a land filled with relics, and no, I'm not talking about those politicians in D.C. Hey-O! (That's a little political humor for the holidays.) Here's a link: Ack! Why Amazon always gotta be so long with the links!