Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 26, 2016.

Highest priority

Random stuff for the house
Available at: Many fine retailers!

These thingies too! I mean, why not. I feel greedy if I don't put something, but she knows more about what's going on around here than I do. I just pick up clothes and put away dishes. Le sigh.


Medium priority

Baseball 3/4 Sleeve Shirts
Available at:

I like to go as casual as casual can be. This way when I bother to put on a collared shirt everyone's like "Wow! You clean up well." And I'm like that's right I do. I'm a big fan of colorful clothes, so if you're thinking I'll be embarrassed with purple, then think again! Play Ball!


Already bought

Beard Grooming Kit
Available at:

Gyar, me hearties. Tis but a fine day for sail'n the seven seas. And moth'n be finer than cast'n your face in the wind and feel'n the salt spray upon your lips. Tis a good thing to be hav'n a fine beard to protect one from the the spray. Loverly as it is, it's still a bit rough on yer rosy cheeks. Gyar, me hearties.

It's a book. ($26)
Available at:

The Age of Myth by Michael Sullivan. Adventure begins here. Signed & dedicated please. (It don't cost nothing extra and it makes me feel special.)