Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on May 30, 2017.

Highest priority

Spice Organizer Turntable
Available at: Bed, Bath and Beyond

My spice cabinet is a mess! I'd love something like this to organize it!


High priority

Deep Fryer
Available at: Target, etc.

I'd love to be able to fry french fries at home or fry up some doughnuts that Jillian could have! It doesn't have to be this one, but something along these lines... Small, inexpensive, but with good reviews. I won't be using it a ton, so nothing to fancy.


Batter dispenser
Available at: Bed Bath & Beyond

It doesn't have to be this exact one, but I'd really love one of these:


Medium priority

Target Gift Card
Available at: Target

I always go to Target, for myself and for the kids. A gift card there is always useful!


Already bought

Rocket Dog Myrna Flats (shoes)
Available at: Famous Footwear, etc.

I had a pair like this before and I LOVED them!!! But they eventually wore out. I really love this pair, and they're just the right price! Size 9

Measuring cups
Available at: Online

I'd like a set that includes a 2/3 cup and a 3/4 cup.