Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 21, 2018.

High priority

Target Gift Cards
Available at: Target

He always needs clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, books, etc. Target has it all!


Medium priority

Available at: Target, Amazon, etc.

He loves, loves, loves to look at books! Picture books with just a few words on each page and big bold pictures are perfect for his age.


Already bought

Puppy Dog Pals Playset
Available at: Target

This is his all-time FAVORITE show, so he would adore this cute playset!

Bike Helmet
Available at: Amazon

Not-so-little man is growing out of his bike helmet, and that's not a good thing because he looooooooooooves his bike rides! This one looks like it will fit him for years. I've measured his head, and although it says ages 3-7, all of my kids have gigantic noggins, so it should fit just fine.

Toddler Scooter
Available at: Target, Amazon

He's been trying to ride big brother & sister's scooters for a while now. This one is perfect for him.

Toy Pots & Pans
Available at: Target, Amazon, etc

Also for his outdoor kitchen, to replace 12-year-old, rusty ones. This set or this set are good ones.

Play Food Set
Available at: Target, Amazon, etc

He loves to play with the play kitchen on the porch, but the "food" we have is from when Jillian was one. Yikes. It doesn't have to be this set, there are a ton to choose from online and in stores. Anything would be great!