Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on January 28, 2024.

Highest priority

Bear hat ($28)
Available at: Online

I watch this guy's YouTube channel and I like this hat he wears. (It's his logo.) It's a bear's head, and since the channel is about cocktails, the bear's face is actually a cocktail glass (very suble, though).

It's listed as a "Dad hat" in the online store, but I bet they'll sell it to someone who isn't a Dad.


Already bought

Wireless grill thermometer ($40)
Available at: Home Depot

I have one of these wireless thermometers for doing long cooks on the Big Green Egg, but it's starting to fall apart. I would like to get a replacement one, and the ThermoPro TP08 looks like it would do everything I need.

Grilling gloves ($20)
Available at: Home Depot

I would like a pair of heat-resistant grilling gloves for the house in Colorado. I've cooked a couple of pork shoulders there, and quickly realized that it's much harder to do that without gloves like these! Just about any grill gloves will do, so it doesn't have to be these in particular, but these are some you can probably find in-store at Home Depot or online.

Fourth of July bunting ($27)
Available at: Amazon

Michele had to tell me what this is called. I just called it "those half-circle flags people put on their porches for the Fourth of July." Apparently this is called "bunting." Our Colorado house has a porch that would fit these, so I'd like to have some for next summer.

What I need are two 3ft-by-6ft half circles (which I think are "half fans"). There are tons of these online at Amazon and Wal-Mart, and you juts pick your size and quantity. But I can only fit two of the 3ft-by-6ft, so that's all I need.

Case for bluetooth earpiece ($13)
Available at: Amazon

I got a new bluetooth earpiece because my old one broke, and the new one has no case. I don't know how they expect you to carry it around, so I would like a tiny case it can fit in and not get smashed when it's in a pocket, backpack, or laptop bag. Michele found a great one that's made for earphones but you could put anything tiny in it.

Digital multimeter ($35)
Available at: Lowe's, Home Depot, and Amazon

I have an old one of these that I've left at the Colorado house. It can't come home because there are endless electrical projects and I am constantly opening up some outlet or wall box and using it to answer questions like "why are all of these wires the same color?" and "is there even power to this outlet?" So I need a new one for the Orlando house.

Probably any digital multimeter would do what I need, but the Klein Tools MM325 is a decent price and is available at Lowe's, Home Depot, and Amazon.