Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on March 06, 2024.

High priority

Blizzard Beach Keychain $12
Available at: Ebay


Blizzard Beach Keychain $15
Available at: Ebay


Already bought

Angry Birds Board Game - Knock on Wood (Price varies)
Available at: Ebay

He collects all these old Angry Birds Board Games. He wants an original "Knock on Wood" one, and you can find a million of them on Ebay and Mercari for $15-$100. This one is a complete set for $25. (Text Leah with questions if this one is not available, and you don't know what you're shopping for!)

Book: "Regular Show: Hydration Vol. 1" $27
Available at: Amazon

A graphic novel he wants.

Blizzard Beach Vanity Plate $35
Available at: eBay

He loves Blizzard Beach these days! He’s asking for this:

Blizzard Beach Snowboard Pin $13
Available at: Ebay

He’s like this pin:

Angry Birds Speaker $35
Available at: Ebay

Blizzard Beach Ice Gator Plush $35-ish
Available at: Ebay

Here is a link for one on Ebay. If it's not there anymore, it's a vintage 1995 Blizzard Beach Ice Gator Plush.

Angry Bird Plush - Ice Bird $35
Available at: Mercari

He really wants this one, and it’s rare!