Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 20, 2023.

High priority

Drawer Organizer for Plastic Bags, Etc $30-$40
Available at: Amazon

In my never-ending quest to organize our house, I would love to add this drawer organizer to our kitchen!


T-shirt: The Lonely Island $25
Available at: Online

Size large


Medium priority

Joey Chou Disney Plates $35
Available at: Disney

I saw this set of plates at Hollywood Studios recently. They should be $35. I can't find them for sale online anywhere but this Walmart website for $55 - do not buy them here! But if anyone happens to be in the parks, and they're available, maybe...???


Joey Chou Disney Glasses $35
Available at: Disney

Same story as the plates - This link is only so you can see what they look like. They should be $20 cheaper in the parks! If you're going to get one, I'd rather have the plates.


Container Store Gift Card
Available at: The Container Store

I've never been to The Container Store, but I think it's probably my happy place! I am always wanting to organize things around the house, but storage is so expensive! I'd love to get started with a gift card.


Already bought

Rice Cooker $30
Available at: Amazon

We cook quite a bit of rice around here, and no matter what I try, I can't get it to cook perfectly. I'd like to try a rice cooker! This one on Amazon has really great reviews!

Yogalicious Leggins $23
Available at: Amazon

These are my fave leggings (thanks to Jillian, who introduced me). I'd like the colorPacific in size Large.

Book: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered $13
Available at: Amazon

This book is by the people who host my favorite true crime podcast, My Favorite Murder. I’d love to have it! Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide

Book: Dinnertime SOS $19
Available at: Amazon

I follow this author on Instagram and enjoy her recipes. She has a new book! Yummy Toddler Food: Dinnertime SOS: 100 Sanity-Saving Meals Parents and Kids of All Ages Will Actually Want to Eat: A Cookbook

Target: The Game of Life $25
Available at: Target

The kids and I got a Target version of Monopoly last year, and it's a lot of fun! Now they've come out with their own version of The Game of Life!

Pajama Pants
Available at: Target? Amazon, Bealls, Kohls, etc

I really need a new pair or two of soft pajama pants, size Large. I tried to find something online to link, but I can't tell how soft things are, so this one might be best shopped for in person. I tend to like Target jammy pants - they have some really nice ones. BONUS if you find a coordinating short sleeved shirts!

Book: Right at Home by Bobby Berk $25
Available at: Target

A fun design book I’d like!

Vans no-show socks $15-20
Available at: Amazon, Journeys, etc

There are a few places to buy these, but they MUST be Vans brand - they are the only ones that actually stay up when I wear my Vans... go figure. Here are some from Journeys, and here are some on Amazon. They can be any color/pattern, and the general women's size will fit me.