Here's the list of gifts for, last updated on November 19, 2023.

Medium priority

Disney stuff
Available at:

Something Disney-related (such as Captain Hook, or Chip and Dale) would be great :)


Disney / Universal gift cards
Available at:

These would be great!


Available at: your friendly neighborhood liquor store

I've found that I enjoy Scottish or Irish whiskey the most :)


Bucs stuff
Available at: stores choosing to back the Bucs (for good or bad)

I still like Bucs merch (despite this season not being so great)


Already bought

Bucs mini-helmet (with the "new" design)
Available at: Amazon, and sporting goods/clothing stores

The Bucs changed their logo a couple of years back, and although it's similar, I'd sure like to have a mini-helmet with the latest logo (to display with the other two here in the office). The new design has a much larger pirate flag, which covers most of the side.